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Final Environmental Impact Statement

The Desert Claim Wind Power Project Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) was  prepared by Kittitas County for the 2003 Desert Claim application to Kittitas County.  It was issued by Kittitas County in August 2004. 

Cover FEIS Cover Sheet
Fact Sheet Fact Sheet
Summary Introduction, Background, Proposed Action, Alternatives to Proposal, Alternatives not considered
Chapter 2 Alternatives Including the Proposed Action
Chapter 3 Affected Environment, Environmental Impacts and Mitigation Measures
  Sec. 3.1 Earth Resources
  Sec. 3.2 Air Quality
  Sec. 3.3 Water Resources
  Sec. 3.4 Plants and Animals
  Sec. 3.5 Energy and Natural Resources
  Sec. 3.6 Cultural Resources
  Sec. 3.7 Land and Shorelines Use
  Sec. 3.8 Health and Safety
  Sec. 3.9 Noise
  Sec. 3.10 Aesthetics/Light and Glare
  Sec. 3.11 Recreation
  Sec. 3.12 Ground Transportation
  Sec. 3.13 Air Transportation
  Sec. 3.14 Public Services
  Sec. 3.15 Population, Housing and Employment
  Sec. 3.16 Fiscal Conditions
Chapter 4 Cumulative Impacts
Chapter 5 Response to Draft EIS Issues
Chapter 6 Consultation and Coordination
Chapter 7 References
Chapter 8 Distribution Lists
Appendix A Earth Resources
Appendix B Water Resources
Appendix C Plants and Animals
Appendix D Cultural Resources
Appendix E Health and Safety - Shadow Flicker
Appendix F Noise
Appendix G Aesthetics
Appendix H Air Transportation
Appendix I Comments on the Draft EIS

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