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Desert Claim Wind Power Project

Application No. 2006-02


For additional information regarding any of these documents contact Stephen Posner at, or (360)664-1903.



None to date

Prefiled Testimony:

Desert Claim LLC

Joseph Fahrendorf Ex. 10 Testimony
David S. Steeb Ex. 11 Testimony
  Ex. 11.1-4 Vicinity Map, Map of Neighboring Residences within 2,500 feet, Project Area, Wind Resources Area
  Ex. 11.5 Development Agreement between Kittitas Co. and Vantage Wind Energy LLC
  Ex. 11.6 Kittitas Co. Staff Report - Invenergy
  Ex. 11.7-10 Pre-identified Wind Farm Area Boundary, Washington-Wind Power Resource Estimates, Project Area with Neighboring Residences Updated for 4X Turbine Height Setback
  Ex. 11.11 Kittitas Co. Board of County Commissioners Hearing Transcripts: 10-25-04, 10-26-04, 10-26-04 vol. 2, 10-27-04 vol. 3, 11-08-04, 11-9-04, 1-11-05, 12-27-04, 1-20-05, 1-27-05, 2-15-05, 3-1-05, 3-9-05, 3-29-05
  Ex. 11.12 Development Agreement Submittal Letter 12-20-04
  Ex. 11.13 Progress Report 1-11-05
  Ex. 11.14 Progress Report 1-27-05
  Ex. 11.15 Progress Report 2-15-05
  Ex. 11.16 Kittitas Co. Res. 2005-46
  Ex. 11.17 Kittitas Co. Devel. Serv. Letter 5-22-7
  Ex. 11.18 Desert Claim Letter to KCDS 6-1-07
  Ex. 11.19 Declaration of David Steeb 6-27-07
  Ex. 11.20 Kittitas Co. Superior Court Memorandum of Decision 11-4-05
  Ex. 11.21-22 EnXco Letter to Kittitas Co. Commissioners 11-30-06
Richard Weinman Ex. 12.0 Testimony
  Ex. 12.1 Resume
  Ex. 12.2 Kittitas County Code, Ch. 17.29 A-20 Agricultural Zone
  Ex. 12.3 Kittitas County Code, Ch. 17.56 Forest and Range Zone
  Ex. 12.4 Kittitas County Code, Ch. 17.61 Utilities
  Ex. 12.5 Kittitas County Code, Ch. 17.61A. Wind Farm Resource Overlay Zone
  Ex. 12.6 Comprehensive Plan Analysis
  Ex. 12.7 Appendix A, EFSEC Order No. 826
James Litchfield Ex. 13 Testimony
  Ex. 13.1 Resume
Richard Mack Ex. 14 Testimony
  Ex. 14.1 Resume
  Ex. 14.2 CWU, Kittitas County Economic Impacts from the Proposed Desert Claim Wind Power Project
Stephen Grover Ex. 15 Testimony
  Ex. 15.1 Resume
  Ex. 15.2 ECONorthwest, Economic Impacts of the Desert Claim Wind Project (2009)
David Young Ex. 16 Testimoy
  Ex. 16.1 David Young Curriculum Vitae
  Ex. 16.2 Washington Fish and Wildlife Wind Power Guidelines (2003)
  Ex. 16.3 Washington Fish and Wildlife Wind Power Guidelines (2009)
  Ex. 16.4 WEST, Final Report: Avian and Bat Cumulative Impacts Associated with Wind Energy Development in the Columbia Plateau Ecoregion of Eastern Washington and Oregon (2008)
Julia Meier Ex. 17 Testimony
David Blau Ex. 18 Testimony
  Ex. 18.1 Resume
  Ex. 18.2 EDAW, Analysis of Visual Looming Effect in the Landscape: Research, Analysis and Case Study (2009)
  Ex. 18.3-7 Physiology of the Eye, Looming in Architecture and Urban Planning, Relationship Between Distance and Field of View - Single Image, Relationship Between Distance and Field of View - Multiple Images, Select Viewpoints and Distance to Closest Residence

Department of Community Trade & Economic Development

Tony Usibelli Ex. 40 Testimony
  Ex. 40.1 Resume
  Ex. 40.2 2003 Biennial Energy Report, CTED
  Ex. 40.3 2008 Washington State Utility Resource Plans, CTED
  Ex. 40.4 HB 1303 November Progress Report: A Comprehensive Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change on the State of Washington
  Ex. 40.5 2008 Washington State Green Economy Jobs
  Ex. 40.6 Growing Washington's Economy in a Carbon-Constrained World

Economic Development Group of Kittitas County

Ronald Cridlebaugh Ex. 60 Testimony
  Ex. 60.1-2 Combined Benefits of Kittitas County Wind Power Projects, Property Tax Calculations
  Ex. 60.3 EDGKC Votes to Support enXco Wind Project

Settlement Agreements:

Stipulation Between Counsel for the Environment and Desert Claim Wind Power LLC

Post Hearing Submissions:

Council Orders:

Hearing Transcripts:

Petitions for Intervention:

Notices of Appearance:

Service List:

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Desert Claim Wind Power Project main page

For information or questions concerning this application please contact:

Stephen Posner, Compliance Manager
Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council
1300 S Evergreen Park Dr SW
PO Box 47250
Olympia, WA 98504-7250
(360) 664-1345

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