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Sumas Energy 2 Generation Facility

Application No. 99-1

Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

Viewing the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

To view the document, scroll to the the Table of Contents below, then click on the chapter or subsection desired. Please read the Cover Letter and the Fact Sheet for information about the Final SEIS, location of public meetings, comment period, and other important information.

List Of Figures

To view a specific figure, open the corresponding document section. Note: use the links provided in the documents to access the 11 by 17 fold outs or view them individually through theList Of Figures.

An Addendum to the Final SEIS was issued on May 16, 2002.

Final SEIS - Table of Contents


Final SEIS Cover Letter to Reviewers

Fact Sheet

Table of Contents (includes List of Figures and List of Tables)

Chapter 1 Summary

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Purpose and Need for Project
1.3 Changes in Project Description

1.3.1 Proposed Action
1.3.2 No Action Alternative

1.4 Public Involvement Since Issuance of the FEIS

1.4.1 Scoping
1.4.2 Role of EFSEC

1.5 Significant Areas of Controversy or Uncertainty and Issues to be Resolved

1.6 Summary of Potential Impacts, Mitigation Measures, and Significant Unavoidable Adverse Impacts

Chapter 2 Proposed Action and Alternatives

2.1 Introduction

2.1.1 The Applicant
2.1.2 Scope of this SEIS

2.2 Project Description and Changes Since Issuance of FEIS

2.2.1 Project Description Changes Not Requiring Analysis in this SEIS
2.2.2 Project Description Changes Requiring Analysis in this SEIS
2.2.3 Construction
2.2.4 Operation

Chapter 3 Existing Conditions, Impacts, and Mitigation Measures


3.1 Air Quality (Greenhouse Gases)

3.1.1 Existing Conditions
3.1.2 Environmental Impacts of Proposed Project
3.1.3 Mitigation Measures

3.2 Groundwater Quality

3.2.1 Existing Conditions
3.2.2 Changes Related to Groundwater Quality
3.2.3 Environmental Impacts
3.2.4 Mitigation Measures
3.2.5 Significant Unavoidable Adverse Impacts

3.3 Groundwater Quantity

3.3.1 Existing Conditions
3.3.2 Changes Related to Groundwater Quantity
3.3.3 Environmental Impacts
3.3.4 Mitigation Measures
3.3.5 Significant Unavoidable Adverse Impacts

3.4 Low-Frequency Noise

3.4.1 Existing Conditions
3.4.2 Environmental Impacts
3.4.3 Noise Mitigation Measures

3.5 Wetlands

3.5.1 Sources of Information
3.5.2 Existing Conditions
3.5.3 Environmental Impacts of Proposed Action
3.5.4 Mitigation Measures
3.5.5 Significant Unavoidable Adverse Impacts

3.6 Flooding Potential

3.6.1 Existing Conditions
3.6.2 Changes Related to Flood Modeling
3.6.3 Environmental Impacts
3.6.4 Mitigation Measures

3.7 Faulting and Seismicity

3.7.1 Existing Conditions
3.7.2 Changes Related to Faulting and Seismicity
3.7.3 Environmental Impacts
3.7.4 Mitigation Measures
3.7.5 Significant Unavoidable Adverse Impacts

Chapter 4 - References

Chapter 5 - Acronym List

Chapter 6 - List of Preparers

Chapter 7 - Distribution List

Appendix A: Section 401 Technical Evaluation Memorandum

Appendix B: Public Comments and Responses


United States:

USS - State

USS1 Jeannie Summerhays, Washington State Department of Ecology: Letter, Response

USO - Nongovernmental organization

USO1 Danielle Dixon, NW Energy Coalition: Letter, Response
USO2 Brian Carpenter, REBOUND : Letter, Response
USO3 Charles E. Martin, Sumas Energy 2, Inc.: Letter, Response
USO4 Brad Owens, Northwest Building and Construction Trades Council: Letter, Response

USR - Resident:

USR1 Kirk Deal: Letter, Response
USR2 Marian G. Beddill: Letter, Response
USR3 Marlene Noteboom: Letter, Response
USR4 Candice Ambrosio and Dean Rogers: Letter, Response
USR5 Lynn Peterson and Hugh Lewis: Letter, Response
USR6 Connie Hoag: Letter, Response
USR7 Joni Hensley: Letter, Response
USR8 Mike Bozzo: Letter, Response
USR9 Paige and Ladd Shumway: Letter, Response
USR10 Margaret Curtis: Letter, Response
USR11 Richard H. Severson: Letter, Response
USR12 Bo Bumford: Letter, Response
USR13 Darryl Ehlers: Letter, Response
USR14 Andy Ross: Letter, Response
USR15 Rolf B.G. Nilsen: Letter, Response
USR16 Mike Kaufman: Letter, Response


CF - Federal

CF1 Kirk Johnstone, Environment Canada: Letter, Response

CP - Provincial

CP1 Margaret Eckenfelder, British Columbia Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection: Letter, Response

CL - Local government

CL1 Patricia Ross, City of Abbotsford: Letter, Response

CO - Nongovernmental organization

CO1 Lee Larkin, Chilliwack Field Naturalists: Letter, Response
CO2 Mary Reeves, Abbotsford Downtown Business Association: Letter, Response
CO3 Garry Dickinson, Huntingdon Duty Free Shop Inc.: Letter, Response

CR - Resident

CR1 Les and Joan Hay: Letter, Response
CR2 Andrea Mikulan: Letter, Response
CR3 E. Herbert Warkentin: Letter, Response
CR4 Heather Taylor: Letter, Response
CR5 James Degen: Letter, Response
CR6 James Degen: Letter, Response
CR7 Rose Morrison: Letter, Response
CR8 Laurie Hoekstra Letter, Response

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List of Figures

2-1 General Vicinity Map
2-2 S2GF Site Plan
2-3 Proposed Gas Line; Water Supply Line; Wastewater Line; 230-kV Transmission Line
3.2-1 Land Use within May Road and Sumas Well Field Capture Zones
3.2-2 Geologic Profile of the Sumas Aquifer
3.2-3 Nitrate Concentrations in Sumas City Wells
3.3-1 Theoretical Radius of Interference: May Road and City of Sumas Well Fields
3.5-1 Plant Site - Existing Conditions
3.5-2 Wetlands Compensatory Mitigation Site Plan
3.6-1 100-Year Floodplain Area
3.7-1 Inferred Surface Traces of Sumas and Vedder Mountain Faults
3.7-2 Tectonic Setting of the Cascadia Subduction Zone
3.7-3 Cross-Sections of Earthquake Hypocenters beneath Western Washington
3.7-4 Epicenters and Dates of Larger Pacific Northwest Earthquakes

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