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Wallula Energy Resource

March 25, 2008- Wallula Energy Resource Center sponsors withdraw their request for the Potential Site Study.

The Wallula Energy Resource Center (WERC) is a nominal 915 MW (gross) Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) electric generating facility to be constructed near Wallula, Washington (location map). Net power output from the project is planned to be approximately 700 MW. The WERC will be located on a 759-acre site on Port of Walla Walla land in the northeastern portion of Walla Walla County. The WERC will purchase coal from the Powder River Basin as feedstock, pulverize and gasify it on site to create synthetic gas (syngas). The syngas will fuel combustion turbines in a combined-cycle power plant to generate electricity. Carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) is proposed to be sequestered in the process. Natural gas will be used as a back-up fuel.

The Wallula Energy Resource Center project is being jointly developed by Wallula Resource Recovery LLC and Wallula Energy Resource Company LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Edison Mission Energy, through a Joint Development Agreement. The Project will be owned by Wallula Energy Resource Company LLC. Proponent Website

Potential Site Study - Cancelled

The project proponents have requested EFSEC conduct a Potential Site Study under RCW 80.50.175 and Chapter 463-22 WAC with the following objectives:

  • Commence the contracting process to obtain an independent consultant and agency consultants to the extent deemed appropriate by the Council.
  • Provide review and input from agency consultants, the Counsel for the Environment and other appropriate persons and organizations to gain input for the preparation of a Site Certification Application
  • Review other matters that the Council and potential applicant deem essential for an adequate appraisal of the site.

Note: EFSEC is not associated with the efforts of the Big Sky Carbon Sequestration Partnership. Please visit that site for information on their activities.

Applicant: Wallula Energy Resource Company LLC
Facility: 915 MW Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC)
Location: Walla Walla County
Status: March 25, 2008 Withdrawal of Study request
October 9, 2007 - Request for Potential Site Study

General Information:

Application for Site Certification:

  • Not yet submitted - Possible submittal in 2008.

SEPA Environmental Review:

  • Not yet started

Potential Site Study Documents:

  Potential Site Study Request
  Exhibit A: Legal Description
  Exhibit B: Site Location
  Exhibit C: Battelle's June 2007 Field Activity Plan for the Big Sky Regional Carbon Partnership

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Project Mailing List

To be added to the WERC project mailing list, please:

  • Send an e-mail with your complete name and postal address to (Please indicate whether you wish to receive WERC project information and meeting notices by email or U.S. Mail)

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Recent Activity:

11-27-07 Amended Exhibit A to Request for Proposals for consulting services

11-14-07 Request for Proposals for consulting services

10-9-07 EFSEC Press Release

10-9-07 Potential Site Study Request


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