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Whistling Ridge Energy Project

Application No. 2009-01


EFSEC is reviewing Application No. 2009-01 under the procedures set forth in Chapter 80.50 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) and Title 463 of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) for reviewing applications for new major energy facilities. EFSEC is holding an adjudicative proceeding under Chapter 34.05 RCW, the Administrative Procedure Act. EFSEC has commenced the adjudicative hearing related to Application No. 2009-01 in accordance with the procedural requirements found in Chapter 463-30 WAC and Chapter 34.05 RCW.

For information regarding the Whistling Ridge adjudicative proceedings contact Stephen Posner, (360) 664-1903.

Response Briefs

Adjudicative Briefs

Exhibits: Final Exhibit List March 4, 2011

Applicant's Prefile Testimony  
Cover letter September 15, 2010
Exhibit No. 1.00 Spadaro
Exhibit No. 1.01R Spadaro - Rebuttal
Exhibit No. 1.02R Spadaro - 9/17/10 WDFW letter
Exhibit No. 1.03R Spadaro - 7/14/10 SDS to WDFW letter
Exhibit No. 1.04R Spadaro - 11/24/10 WDFW letter
Exhibit No. 1.05R Spadaro - 11/9/10 letter from Klickitat County
Exhibit No. 1.06R Spadaro - 2/4/10 memo from Lavina Washines
Exhibit No. 1.07C Spadaro - BPA Exhibit No. 29.04
Exhibit No. 1.08C Spadaro - Wind Speed @ 50 Meters
Exhibit No. 1.09C Spadaro - Wind Power @ 50 Meters
Exhibit No. 1.10C Spadaro - Wind Power @ 50 Meters Zoomed
Exhibit No. 1.11C Spadaro - Map of 50 Turbine Towers from DEIS
Exhibit No. 1.12C Spadaro - WDFW email Exchange #1
Exhibit No. 1.13C Spadaro - WDFW email Exchange #2
Exhibit No. 1.14C Spardaro - Jessica Davenport Email
Exhibit No. 1.15C Spadaro - Skamania County Ordinance 2010-10
Exhibit No. 1.16C Spadaro - DNR Comment
Exhibit No. 1.17C Spadaro - Skamania Cty Hearing Examiner Findings & Conclusion
Exhibit No. 1.18C Spadaro - GE Wind Power Brochure 2.5
Exhibit No. 1.19C Spadaro - GE Wind Power Brochure 1.5
Exhibit No.  1.20R Spadaro - WDFW Letter to rebut Staff email exchanges
Exhibit No. 2.00 Chaney
Exhibit No. 2.01 Chaney Resume
Exhibit No. 2.02 Chaney Land Use Consistancy
Exhibit No. 2.03 Chaney Land Use Consistancy
Exhibit No. 2.04C Chaney - Skamania Cty 1977 Comprehensive Plan
Exhibit No. 3.00 Meier
Exhibit No. 3.01 Meier Resume
Exhibit No. 4.00 Walker
Exhibit No. 4.01 Walker Resume
Exhibit No. 4.02 Walker Declaration
Exhibit No. 5.00 Reams
Exhibit No. 5.01 Reams Resume
Exhibit No. 5.02 Reams Owl history at activity centers
Exhibit No. 5.03 Reams Barred Owl Locations
Exhibit No. 5.04 Reams USFWS ESA Letter
Exhibit No. 5.05 Reams Goshawk Survey Areas
Exhibit No. 5.06 Reams Goshawk Survey Results
Exhibit No. 6.00 Johnson
Exhibit No. 6.01 Johnson Resume
Exhibit No. 6.02 Johnson Raptor Comparison
Exhibit No. 6.03 Johnson All Birds Comparison
Exhibit No. 6.04R Johnson - Rebuttal
Exhibit No. 6.05C Johnson - National Wind Coordinating Committee Conference Onshore Wildlife Interactions with Wind Developments
Exhibit No. 6.06C Johnson - Excerpts from Baseline Avian Studies for the Windy Flats Wind Energy Project, Klickitat Cty, WA
Exhibit No. 6.07C Johnson - Excerpts from Post-Construction Avian & Bat Fatality Monitoring Study, Tuolomne Wind Project, Klickitat Cty, WA
Exhibit No. 6.08C Johnson - WDFW Email Exchange #3
Exhibit No. 6.09C Johnson - WDFW Wind Power Guidelines 2009
Exhibit No. 6.10C Johnson - WDFW Letter September 17, 2010
Exhibit No. 6.11C Johnson - WDFW Aug 2003 Wind Guidelines
Exhibit No. 6.12C Johnson - USFW FAC Recommendation to Dept of Int.
Exhibit No. 7.00 Storm
Exhibit No. 7.01 Storm Resume
Exhibit No. 7.02 Storm - Excerpts from Applt Long Term Interval Data
Exhibit No. 7.03 Storm - Excerpt #1 from Applt Short Term Data
Exhibit No. 7.04 Storm - Excerpt #2 from Applt Short Term Data
Exhibit No. 7.05 Storm - Photo #8 ST-1 Southwest
Exhibit No. 7.06 Storm - Photo #11 ST-1 Northeast
Exhibit No. 7.07 Storm - Photo #10 ST-1 North
Exhibit No. 7.08 Storm - Photo #12 ST-2 West
Exhibit No. 7.09 Storm - Photo #15 ST-2 South
Exhibit No. 7.10 Storm - Photo #13 ST-2 East
Exhibit No. 7.11 Storm - Field Notes Set #2
Exhibit No.7.12 Storm - Field Notes Set #1
Exhibit No. 7.13 Storm - Supplemental Information on Turbine Noise Monitoring
Exhibit No. 8.00 Watson
Exhibit No. 8.01 Watson, Chris Resume
Exhibit No. 8.02 Watson, Tom Resume
Exhibit No. 8.03R Watson - Rebuttal
Exhibit No. 8.04R Watson - Turbine visibility from Columbia River
Exhibit No. 8.05R Watson - Turbine visibility from I-84
Exhibit No. 8.06R Watson - Turbine visibility from HCRH
Exhibit No. 8.07R Watson - Apparent height of turbines
Exhibit No. 8.08R Watson - Visual Simulations
Exhibit No. 8.09R Watson - 50 mm focal length
Exhibit No. 8.10R Watson - Cloud illustration
Exhibit No. 8.11C Watson, T - BLM Manual H-8410-1 Visual Resource Inventory
Exhibit No. 8.12C Watson, T - BLM Manual 8431 Visual Resource Contrast Rating
Exhibit No. 8.13C Watson, T - FHWA Visual Impact Assessment for Highway Project
Exhibit No. 8.14C Watson, T - Excerpt from USDA Forest Service Landscape Aesthetics A Handbook for Scenery Management
Exhibit No.8.15C Watson, T - CRGNSA Management Plan
Exhibit No. 8.16C Watson, T - The Visual Issues Paper
Exhibit No. 8.17C Watson, T - Historic Columbia River Highway Master Plan pg 40 - 49
Exhibit No. 8.18C Watson, T - Historic Columbia River Highway Mile post 2016 reconnection projects
Exhibit No. 8.19C Watson, T - Friends of the Historic Columbia River Highway letter re Whistling Ridge DEIS
Exhibit No. 8.20C Watson, T - Excerpted List and Descriptions of Oregon State Park Facility in Project Vicinity Oregon Parks and Recreation Department
Exhibit No. 9.00 Pearson
Exhibit No. 9.01 Pearson Resume
Exhibit No. 9.02R Pearson - Rebuttal testimony
Exhibit No. 9.03R Pearson - FHWA Manual
Exhibit No. 9.04R Pearson - Inventory Methodology
Exhibit No. 9.05R Pearson - Final Interim Guidelines
Exhibit No. 9.06R Pearson - DEIS Wireline
Exhibit No. 10.00 McDaniel
Exhibit No. 10.01 McDaniel Resume
Exhibit No. 10.02 McDaniel 2/1/10 DAHP Letter
Exhibit No. 10.03 McDaniel Declaration of Authentication
Exhibit No. 11.00 Larson
Exhibit No. 11.01 Larson Resume
Exhibit No. 12.00 Homann
Exhibit No. 13.00R Withdrawn - Slockish - Rebuttal
Exhibit No. 13.01R Withdrawn - Slockish - Map of Chemewa and Enola Hill
Exhibit No. 14.00R Withdrawn - Jackson - Rebuttal
Exhibit No. 14.01R Withdrawn - Jackson - Map of Chemewa and Enola Hill
Exhibit No. 15.00R Withdrawn - Nierenberg - Rebuttal
Exhibit No. 15.01R Withdrawn - Nierenberg - Resume
Exhibit No. 15.02C Withdrawn - Nierenberg -
Exhibit No. 16.00R Hardy - Rebuttal
Exhibit No. 16.01R Hardy - Resume
Exhibit No. 16.02R Hardy - BPA Wind Integration
Exhibit No. 17.00R Rashio - Rebuttal
Exhibit No. 17.01R Rashio - Resume
Exhibit No. 18.00R Yourkowski - Rebuttal
Exhibit No. 18.01R Yourkowski - Resume
Exhibit No. 18.02R Yourkowski - BPA Summary
Exhibit No. 18.03R Yourkowski - CEC Report
Exhibit No. 18.04R Yourkowski - PJM Report
Intervenors Prefiled Testimony Friends & Sosa
Cover Letter November 1, 2010
Objection to Applicants Prefiled Testimony  
Exhibit No. 21.00 Apostol
Exhibit No. 21.01 Apostol - Resume
Exhibit No. 21.02 Apostol - US Forest Service Letter May 6, 2009
Exhibit No. 21.03 Apostol - US Forest Service Letter August 23, 2010
Exhibit No. 21.04 Apostol - National Parks Service Letter May 18, 2009
Exhibit No. 21.05 Apostol - Secretary of Dept of Interior July 19, 2010
Exhibit No. 21.06 Apostol - Visual Attributes
Exhibit No. 21.07 Apostol - Historic Columbia River State Trail
Exhibit No. 21.07C Apostol - Colorado PUC
Exhibit No. 21.09C Apostol - April 11, 2007 Econstat Letter
(Same as Exhibit 22.08)
Exhibit No. 21.10C Apostol - Letter from Mr. Kahn, comment and notice of appeal, threshold determination, Windy Flats
Exhibit No. 22.00 Smallwood
Exhibit No. 22.00E Smallwood
Exhibit No. 22.01 Smallwood - Resume
Exhibit No. 22.02 Smallwood - Klickitat County Energy Overlay
Exhibit No. 22.03 Smallwood - Avian & Bat Mortality at the Big Horn Wind Energy Project, Klickitat County, Washington
Exhibit No. 22.04 Smallwood -Siting Repowered Wind Turbines to Minimize Raptor Collisions
Exhibit No. 22.05R Smallwood - Rebuttal
Exhibit No. 22.05C Smallwood - ltr from CA WEA
Exhibit No. 22.06C Smallwood - Consultant Report
Exhibit No. 22.07C Smallwood - ltr from CA AG
Exhibit No. 22.08C Smallwood - Econstat ltr
Exhibit No. 22.09C Smallwood - September 2, 2008 Smallwood Declaration before the Hearing Examiner for Skamania County
Exhibit No. 22.10C Smallwood - October 22, 2008 FOCG Comment Letter
Exhibit No. 23.00 Declaration of Nathan Baker
Exhibit No. 23.01 Baker - Email January 25, 2010
Exhibit No. 23.02 Baker - Skamania County Ordinance 2010-06
Exhibit No. 23.03 Baker - Dept of Natural Resources July 19, 2010
Exhibit No. 24.00 Till - Declaration of Richard F Till
Exhibit No. 24.01 Till - Wind Speed Data for Whistling Ridge
Exhibit No. 24.02 Till - Annual Average Wind Speed
Exhibit No. 24.03 Till - Turbine coordinates data source
Exhibit No. 24.04 Till - Wind Navigator
Exhibit No. 24.05 Till - Wind Navigator Methods and Validation
Exhibit No. 24.06 Till - Wind Maps
Exhibit No. 24.07 Till - Washington Wind Map and Resource Potential
Exhibit No. 24.08 Till - New Wind Resource Maps
Exhibit No. 24.09 Till - Wind Speeds for WREP
Exhibit No. 24.10C Till - August 2010 Emails
Exhibit No. 25.00R Lang - Rebuttal
Exhibit No. 25.01C Lang - January 22, 2010 FOCG Comment Letter
Exhibit No. 25.02C Lang - July 27, 2009 FOCG/Sosa Brief to Gorge Commission
Exhibit No. 25.03C Lang - December 16, 2009 FOCG/Brief to Gorge Commission
Exhibit No. 25.04C Lang - Gorge Commission Final Opinion & Order
Exhibit No. 25.05C Lang - FOCG Mission
Exhibit No. 25.06C Lang - January 15, 2009 FOCG Brief
Exhibit No. 29.00 Declaration of Aramburu
Exhibit No. 29.01 Aramburu - May 6, 2009 Sosa to EFSEC letter
Exhibit No. 29.02 Aramburu - Skamania County Sep-08-35
Exhibit No. 29.03-01 Aramburu - Skamania County Comprehensive Plan
Exhibit No. 29.03-02 Aramburu - Skamania County Comprehensive Plan pt 2
Exhibit No. 29.04 Aramburu - BPA Transmission System Impact Study
Exhibit No. 30.00 Michaels
Exhibit No. 30.01 Michaels - Bio
Exhibit No. 30.02 Michaels - American Wind Energy Association
Exhibit No. 30.03 Michaels - Seattle City Light Seeks New Renewable Energy
Exhibit No. 30.04 -01 Michaels - Sixth Northwest Conservation & Electric Power Plan Chapter 14
Exhibit No. 30.04 -02 Michaels - Sixth Northwest Conservation & Electric Power Plan Chapter 1
Exhibit No. 30.04 -03 Michaels - Sixth Northwest Conservation & Electric Power Plan Chapter 2
Exhibit No. 30.04 -04 Michaels - Sixth Northwest Conservation & Electric Power Plan Chapter 3
Exhibit No. 30.04 -05 Michaels - Sixth Northwest Conservation & Electric Power Plan Chapter 6
Exhibit No. 30.04 -06 Michaels - Sixth Northwest Conservation & Electric Power Plan Chapter 12
Exhibit No. 30.05 Michaels - Annual Regional Firm Energy Load Projections
Exhibit No. 30.06 Michaels - Forecast of Renewable Projects
Exhibit No. 30.07 Michaels - Pacific Northwest Regional Loads & Resources
Exhibit No. 30.08 Michaels - Oregon & Washoington Wind Capacity
Exhibit No. 30.09 Michaels - BPA's Post-Workshop Reply Comments
Exhibit No. 30.10 Michaels - BPA Comments before FERC
Exhibit No. 30.11 Michaels - Reserve Requirement Impacts of Large Scale...
Exhibit No. 30.12 Michaels - Columbia River High Water Operations
Exhibit No. 30.13 Michaels - Load and Wind Pattern Graph
Exhibit No. 30.14 Michaels - Total Wind Generation
Exhibit No. 30.15 Michaels - Winter Wind Generation
Exhibit No. 30.16 Michaels - Subsidies of Electricity Generations
Exhibit No. 30.17 Michaels - Wind Capacity Factors for the Regions
Exhibit No. 30.18 Michaels - Wind Generation Capacity
Exhibit No. 30.19R Michaels - Rebuttal
Exhibit No. 30.20R Michaels - Petition to FERC
Exhibit No. 30.21R Michaels - Electric Resources
Exhibit No. 30.22R Michaels - PGE 2009 Renewable Portfolio
Exhibit No. 30.23R Michaels - PacifiCorp's Renewable Portifolio
Exhibit No. 30.24R Michaels - Email EWEB
Counsel for the Environment  
Exhibit No. 31.00 McIvor
Exhibit No. 31.01 McIvor - Resume
Exhibit No. 31.02 McIvor - Bat Activity
Department of Commerce  
Exhibit No. 34.00 Usibelli
Exhibit No. 34.01 Usibelli - Resume
Exhibit No. 34.02 Usibelli - Utilities Resource Plan
Exhibit No. 34.03 Usibelli - BPA Draft Resource Program
Exhibit No. 34.04 Usibelli - WA St Green Economy Job's
Exhibit No. 34.05 Usibelli - WA St Clean Energy Plan Report
Exhibit No. 35.00 Schwartz
Exhibit No. 35.00R Schwartz - Rebuttal
Exhibit No. 35.01 Schwartz - Resume
Exhibit No. 35.02 Schwartz - 6th NW Conservation & Electric Power Plan
Exhibit No. 35.03 Schwartz - BPA Integrating Renewables
Exhibit No. 35.04 Schwartz - BPA Wind Integration Team Initiatives
Exhibit No. 35.05 Schwartz - BPA Integrating Wind Power to the Grid
Exhibit No. 35.06 Schwartz - BPA Final Testimony of Elliot Mainzer
Exhibit No. 35.07 Schwartz - Customer Supplied Generation Imbalance Pilot
Exhibit No. 35.08 Schwartz - BPA Columbia River High Water Operations
Exhibit No. 35.09 Schwartz - Whistling Ridge DEIS Section 3.0
Exhibit No. 35.10 Schwartz - Western Wind & Solar Integration Study
Exhibit No. 35.11 Schwartz - Solving the Wind Integration Puzzle
Exhibit No. 35.12C Schwartz - NREL/AWS Truewind Estimates of Windy Land Area and Wind Energy Potential by State for Areas>=30% capacity factor at 80m
Exhibit No. 36.00R Bauer - Rebuttal
Exhibit No. 36.01R Bauer - Resume
Exhibit No. 36.02R Bauer - Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area Annual Report
Yakama Nation Prefiled Testimony
Exhibit No. 37.00 Withdrawn - Lally
Exhibit No. 37.01C Withdrawn - Lally 2/4/10 Memo Washines
Exhibit No. 37.02C Withdrawn - Lally 11/9/10 Memo Washines
Exhibit No. 38.00 Withdrawn - Meninick
Exhibit No. 38.02 Withdrawn - Meninick Certification
Exhibit No. 38.02C Withdrawn - Meninick 2/4/10 Memo Washines
Exhibit No. 38.03C Withdrawn - Meninick 11/9/10 Memo Washines
Exhibit No. 39.00 Withdrawn - Spencer, Jr
Exhibit No. 39.01C Withdrawn - Spencer 2/4/10 Memo Washines
Exhibit No. 39.02C Withdrawn - Spencer 11/9/10 Memo Washines
Skamania County Economic Development Group
Exhibit No. 41.00 Hovee
Exhibit No. 41.01 Hovee Resume
Exhibit No. 41.02 Economic and Fiscal Benefits Memorandum
Exhibit No. 42.00 Bryan-Miller
Exhibit No. 42.01R Bryan-Miller - Rebuttal
Exhibit No. 42.02C Bryan-Miller - Skamania County Economic Development Average Wages for Construction Workers for 2005
Exhibit No. 42.03C Byran-Miller - Quick Facts from US Census Bureau, Skamania County
Exhibit No. 42.04C Bryan-Miller - Quick Facts from US Census Bureau, Klickitat County
Exhibit No. 42.05C Bryan-Miller - Quick Facts from US Census Bureau, Hood River
Exhibit No. 42.06 Bryan-Miller - Klickitat & Skamania Cty LAS (11/10)
Exhibit No. 42.07 Bryan-Miller - Historical Unemployment 11-2000
Exhibit No. 42.08 Bryan-Miller - Historical Commuting Patterns
Skamania County PUD  
Exhibit No. 43.00 Wittenburg
Exhibit No. 43.01 BPA Line Routing
Exhibit No. 43.01C Wittenberg - Power Generation Chart
Exhibit No. 43.02C Wittenberg - Informal Discovery Response
Exhibit No. 43.03C Wittenberg - Service Power Sales Agreement
Exhibit No. 43.04C Wittenberg - Service Agreement
Exhibit No. 43.05C Wittenberg - DOH Underwood water report
Exhibit No. 43.06C Wittenberg - Underwood Water report 2009
Port of Skamania County  
Exhibit No. 44.00 McSherry
Klickitat County Public Economic Development Authority
Exhibit No. 48.00 Canon
Exhibit No. 48.01R Canon - Rebuttal
Exhibit No. 48.02R Canon - Klickitat County Board of Commissioners
Exhibit No. 49.00 Covet
Skamania County  
Exhibit No. 50.00R Pytel- Rebuttal
Exhibit No. 51.00R Pearce - Rebuttal
Exhibit No. 51.01C Pearce - Letter from John Whittaker to FERC dated December 3, 2010
Public Comments  
Exhibit No. 61.00 Public Commentor - Writ Maxey
Exhibit No. 61.01 Public Commentor - Tom Rousseau
Exhibit No. 61.02 w/cd Public Commentor - Jurgen Hess
Exhibit No. 61.03 Public Commentor - Sallie T Jones
Exhibit 61.05 Composite exhibit of written comments recieved at public hearings from attendees, or in writing via mail or electronic mail.
Council Exhibits  
Exhibit No. 101 Applicant's Opening Statement
Exhibit No. 102 Friends of the Columbia Gorge & Save Our Scenic Area Opening Statement
Exhibit No. 103 Counsel for the Environment Opening Statement
Exhibit No. 104 Seattle Audubon Society Opening Statement
Exhibit No. 105 Skamania County & Clickitat County Public Economic Development Authority Opening Statement
Exhibit No. 106 Department of Commerce Opening Statement
Exhibit No. 110 Completed Exhibit List of March 4, 2011

Council Orders:

Hearing Transcripts:

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Filings - Briefs

Aug. 21, 2009 - Statement of Legal Issues (Order No. 842):

Petitions for Intervention

Responses to the Yakama Nation Cultural Resources Program's Petition for Intervention:

Notices of Appearance:

Service List:

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