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BP Cherry Point Cogeneration Project

The BP Cherry Point Cogeneration Project will consist of three natural gas-fired combustion turbine generators with heat recovery steam generators, steam turbine generator, and associated equipment, buildings and structures. The Facility could have a gross nominal generation capacity of 738 megawatts (MW). Approximately 18 MW will be consumed on site, and 85 MW would be supplied to the BP West Coast Products LLC Refinery located near Blaine, Washington (location map).

The Governor approved the BP Cherry Point Cogeneration Project Site Certification Agreement in December 2004. Development of the project may be phased with construction of two (520-570 MW) of the three combustion turbines during the 1st phase and the third combustion turbine during the 2nd phase.

There are no immediate plans to begin construction of the project.

Certificate Holder:

BP Cherry Point Refinery
4519 Grandview Road
Blaine, WA 98230

Facility: 520 - 570 MW natural gas fired combined cycle combustion turbine, with cogeneration.

Location: Birch Bay, Whatcom County

Status: Site certificate issued - December 21, 2004 - Construction is not currently planned.

Site Certification Agreement:

The Site Certification Agreement is the state permit that lists the conditions that must be met during construction and operation of the project.

BP Cherry Point Cogeneration Project Site Certification Agreement - Amendment No. 1, 10-10-2006 (46 pages)

  • Attachment 1 - Site Legal Descriptions (1 page)
  • Attachment 2 - Wetland Mitigation Property Description (1 page)
  • Attachment 3 - Prevention of Significant Deterioration/ Notice of Construction Permit (13 pages)
  • Attachment 4 - National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit (29 pages)
  • Attachment 5 - Wastewater Disposal Permit (18 pages)
  • Attachment 6 - Amended Stipulation Council for the Environment (13 pages)
  • Attachment 7 - Whatcom County Settlement Agreement (27 pages)
  • Attachment 8 - Council Order No. 803 (44 pages)
  • Attachment 9 - Letter of Understand - Department of Transportation (3 pages)
  • Attachment 10 - Council Resolution No. 317 (9 pages)

6-20-2006 - Request for Amendment to Site Certification Agreement:




Application Review:

2002-2004 Application Review:

For information or questions concerning this project please contact:

Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council
1300 S Evergreen Park Dr SW
PO Box 47250
Olympia, WA 98504-7250
(360) 664-1345

Important Note:Public comments submitted to the Council via the internet or in writing become public records under the Washington State Public Records Act (RCW 42.17). Information included in the comment such as the commentor's e-mail and mailing address becomes a public record once it is provided to EFSEC and may be subject to public inspection and copying if not protected by federal or state law. For additional information please see our Privacy Notice.

General Information:

To be added to the BP Cherry Point Cogen project mailing list, please:

E-mail your complete name and postal address to and indicate if you want to receive notices of future permitting activity for this project by e-mail, surface mail, or both methods of delivery.

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Recent Activity:

05-04-2015 BP Project Termination letter

EFSEC: BP Cogeneration Project - Potential Site Study Report

8-25-11 Cherry Point Resolution No. 331, Amendment No. 4

8-24-11 August 24, 2011 Meeting Minutes

8-17-11 Cherry Point Request for SCA Amendment allowing transfer of SCA and associated permits from Cherry Point Cogeneration, LLC to BP West Coast Products, LLC. Public Hearing Notice

7-24-11 Cherry Point Request for SCA Amendment allowing transfer of SCA and associated permits from Cherry Point Cogeneration, LLC to BP West Coast Products, LLC.

3-13-08 Cherry Point Revised Final Mitigation Plan (PDF - 523 pages)

3-12-08 Resolution No. 323, Amendment No. 3

3-11-08 Resolution No.322, Amendment No. 2

2-12-08 Cherry Point Request for SCA Amendment to modify water reuse conditions.

2-6-08 Cherry Point Request for SCA Amendment to change corporate entity, remove 2 lay down areas, and change wetland mitigation provisions to account for change in lay down areas.

7-19-07 Project deferral letter

4-3-07 NOC/PSD Public Comment Period/Public Meeting

2-16-07 NOC/PSD Draft Approval Notice of Construction and Prevention of Significant Deterioration

2-16-07 Draft Technical Support Document for the NOC/PSD

2-13-07 Resolution 320, Withdrawal of SCA Amendment Request

11-21-06 Cherry Point Request for SCA Amendment

10-10-06 SCA Amendment No. 1 - Resolution 317

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