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The Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) is a Washington State agency lead by a Chair appointed by the Governor, plus agency directors, administrators or their designees, and appointees from local governments.


Mandatory members, who serve for all project applications, are:

Kathleen Drew
Elizabeth Green-Taylor
Cullen Stephenson
Mike Livingston
Dan Siemann
Temporarily vacant

The following agencies may choose to participate as voting members on the Council:

County and city legislative authorities may also appoint voting council members when a project is proposed in their jurisdiction.

A port district may participate by appointing a non-voting Council member when an application is filed for a proposed facility at that port.

State and local government agencies appointed to the Council for the TUUSSO Columbia Solar Project are:

Ian Elliot
Kelly Cooper


EFSEC was created in 1970 to provide "one stop" siting and permitting for large energy projects. By establishing the Council, the state legislature centralized the evaluation and oversight of large energy facilities within one state agency. The legislature cited the necessity of balancing the need for new energy facilities with the broad interests of the public. As part of the balancing process, the Council must take into account protection of environmental quality, the safety of energy facilities, and concern for energy availability.

The Council's responsibilities are listed in the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 80.50. These responsibilities include siting large natural gas and oil pipelines, thermal electric power plants that are 350 megawatts or greater and their dedicated transmission lines, new oil refineries or large expansions of existing facilities, and underground natural gas storage fields. Energy facilities of any size that exclusively use alternative energy resources (wind, solar, geothermal, landfill gas, wave or tidal action, or biomass energy) can opt-in to the EFSEC review and certification process as with certain electrical transmission lines. EFSEC's authority does not extend to hydropower plants or thermal electric plants that are less than 350 megawatts.

For facilities under its jurisdiction, EFSEC has been delegated authority by the Unites States Environmental Protection Agency to issue permits under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act and the Federal Clean Air Act. EFSEC also ensures that effective and coordinated nuclear emergency response plans are in place and satisfactorily tested for the Columbia Generating Station nuclear power plant located on the Hanford Site in central Washington.

EFSEC maintains independence in exercising its powers, functions, and duties. The Utilities Transportation Commission provides administrative and staff support to the Council. EFSEC staff contact information is as follows

Address: Energy Facility Site
Evaluation Council
1300 S Evergreen Park Dr
PO Box 47250
Olympia, WA 98504-7250
Telephone:(360) 664-1345

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