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Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project

The Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project is located in unincorporated Kittitas County, Washington, approximately 12 miles west of Ellensburg (location map)The project is located on approximately 5,400 acres of privately and publicly owned forest and rangeland.

The current project consists of 48 wind turbines, a Sagebrush-owned electrical substation, a BPA-owed substation, an operations and maintenance building, and associated supporting infrastructure. EFSEC permitted the project for up to 52 turbines and Sagebrush retains the option to construct four more turbines. The project dispatches electricity through the Bonneville Power Administration transmission system.

Background: In January 2003, Sagebrush Power Partners, LLC, submitted an application for site certification to EFSEC for its Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project. This Project is an alternative energy facility as defined in RCW 80.50.020(17). Sagebrush chose to receive site certification from EFSEC for the Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project pursuant to RCW 80.50.060(2). Application cover letter (1 page - PDF)

On March 27, 2007, EFSEC issued Order No. 826 Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order Recommending Approval of Site Certification Agreement. Executive Summary (19kb) Order No. 826 By letter dated June 22, 2007, Governor Gregoire requested EFSEC reconsider the recommended setback for some of the turbines from non-participating landowners' residences.

On August 8, 2007, EFSEC approved Order No. 831 which recommended the Governor approve the Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project with changes to the proposed Site Certification Agreement. These changes would require consideration of visual impacts as the highest priority during the final siting (micro-siting) of the turbines located within 2,500 feet of non-participating residences. Order No. 831, with a revised proposed Site Certification Agreement was delivered to the Governor on August 15, 2007.

On September 18, 2007, Governor Gregoire approved the Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project, and construction began in mid-March 2010. The project became operational in late-autumn 2010. Governor Gregoire's approval letter to the EFSEC Chair.

In November 2008, the Washington Supreme Court upheld the Governor's approval.

Certificate Holder: EDP Renewables North America, LLC
808 Travis Street, Suite 700
Houston, Texas 77002
(713) 265-0350
Facility: 100.8 MW wind power project
Location: Kittitas County, Washington, 12 miles west of Ellensburg.
Status: Wind power project became fully operational in December 2010.

General Information:

2009 Site Certification Agreement Amendment Request:

Order No. 328 Amendment No. 1 to the SCA

SEPA Determination of Nonsignificance and Attachment: Environmental Checklist

  • Amendment Request

  • Ex. 1 - Map of Permitted & Revised Layout

  • Ex. 2 - Map of Expansion Parcel

  • Ex. 2b - Expansion Area Legal Discripition

  • Ex. 3 - WDFW Monitoring Points

  • Ex. 4 - Study Corridors Old-New

  • Ex. 5a - Biological Assessment Addendum

  • Ex. 5b - Biological Assessement

  • Ex. 6 - Visual Analysis

  • Ex. 7a - USACE Seattle Appeal Fact Sheet

  • Ex. 7b - USACE Seatlle Notification of Co.

  • Ex. 7c - USACE Seattle NWP14 T&Cs

  • Ex. 7d - USACE Seattle NWP Authorization

  • EX. 8 - Hydraulic Project Approval

  • Ex. 9- SEPA Checklist
    +Appn. 1 - Map of Permitted Area
    +Appn. 2 - Visual Analysis
    +Appn. 3a - Biological Assessment Add
    +Appn. 3b - Biological Assessment

Supreme Court Decision:

Petitions for Judicial Review of the Governor's approval and EFSEC's recommendation were filed in Thurston County Superior Court in October 2007 by Kittitas County, and Residents Opposed to Kittitas County and F. Steven Lathrop. On February 29, 2008, the Thurston County Superior Court certified the case record and transferred it to the Washington Supreme Court. [Thurston County Superior Court No. 07-2-02080-0]

The Washington Supreme Court received the case on March 11, 2008 and it was heard in late June 2008 [Washington Supreme Court No. 81332-9].

November 20, 2008 - State Supreme Court upholds Governor and EFSEC's project approval

Site Certification Agreement:

Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project Site Certification Agreement

Recommendation to Governor:

5-2-07 Recommendation for Approval Packet Delivered to Governor


Please see the Adjudication Page for all related documents.

SEPA Environmental Review:

Application for Site Certification:

Project Summary

Proponent: Sagebrush Power Partners LLC
Horizon Wind Energy LLC
53 SW Yamhill St.
Portland, OR 97204

General Description of the Project:

The Project will consist of a maximum of sixty-five (65), 3-bladed wind turbines on tubular steel towers, not exceeding a maximum height (hub height plus blade tip height) of 410 feet. The nameplate capacity will be between 98 and 195 megawatts depending on the size of turbine used (1.5 or 3.0 megawatt). The Project would interconnect directly with either Puget Sound Energy's 230kV Rocky Reach-White River transmission line or Bonneville Power Administration's (BPA) Grand Coulee-Olympia or Columbia-Covington 287 kV lines, all of which pass directly over the Project site.

Proposed Site:

The Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project turbines are proposed to be located on the ridges located on either side of Highway 97, roughly halfway between Ellensburg and Cle Elum.

EFSEC's Review Timeline

Public Reference:

Copies of the Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project Application for Site Certification and the Draft EIS will be available for Public Reference at the following locations.

Cle Elum:

Carpenter Memorial (Cle Elum) Library
302 Pennsylvania Ave
Cle Elum, WA 98922-1196


  • Tuesday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Wednesday & Thursday 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
  • Friday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Saturday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
  • Contact (509) 674-2313


Ellensburg Public Library
209 N Ruby
Ellensburg, WA 98926



Washington State Library
Joel M. Pritchard Library
Point Plaza East, Building One
6880 Capitol Boulevard South
Tumwater, WA, 98501-5513
(360) 704-5200
Washington Energy Facility
Site Evaluation Council
EFFECTIVE September 1, 2010
1300 Evergreen Park Dr
Olympia, WA, 98504-7250

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How to Obtain a Copy:

The Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project Application for Site Certification is available to interested persons upon request in CD-ROM format only. The Draft EIS is available in both hard copy and CD-ROM formats. To obtain a copy contact:

Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council
1300 Evergreen Park Dr
PO Box 47250
Olympia, WA 98504-7250

or by e-mail:

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For information or questions concerning this Application for Site Certification please contact:

Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council
1300 S Evergreen Park Dr SW
PO Box 47250
Olympia, WA 98504-7250
(360) 664-1345

Important Note: Public comments submitted to the Council via the internet or in writing become public records under the Washington State Public Records Act (RCW 42.17). Information included in the comment such as the commentor's e-mail and mailing address becomes a public record once it is provided to EFSEC and may be subject to public inspection and copying if not protected by federal or state law. For additional information please see our Privacy Notice.

To be added to the Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project mailing list, please:

  • e-mail your complete name and postal address to and indicate if you want to receive notices of future permitting activity for this project by e-mail, surface mail, or both methods of delivery.

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Recent Activity:

4-26-10 Final Project Layout Map

9-1-09 Resolution No. 328 Amendment No. 1 to the Site Certification Agreement which:

  • reduces the total number of turbines from up to 65 to a maximum of 52 (with no change in power generation),
  • eliminates certain turbine corridors in proximity to existing residences,
  • allows some adjustments in the siting of remaining corridors and turbines,
  • adds a 6-acre parcel to the project site and
  • removes 471 acres from the project site, reducing the total authorized project area to approximately 5,416 acres.

7-20-09 Response to comments from the Certificate Holder

7-16-09 SEPA Determination of Nonsignificance

7-10-09 Public Comments from Site Certification Agreement Amendment Request

6-23-09 Transcript from Public meeting - June 23, 2009

6-10-09 Public hearing (June 23, 2009) to receive comments on the Request to Amend the Site Certification Agreement

6-1-09 Request to Amend the Site Certification Agreement and SEPA Checklist

10-23-08 Construction Stormwater General Permit

10-23-08 Construction Stormwater General Permit Response to Comments

10-20-08 State Supreme Court upholds Governor and EFSEC's project approval

3-7-08 Request for Proposal - Environmental Monitoring

9-18-07 Governor Approval Letter to Council - Governor's Press Release

8-15-07 Letter, Order No. 831 and Revised SCA delivered to Governor

8-8-07 Order No. 831 on Governor's Remand - Press Release

7-30-07 Kittitas Valley Evening Meeting Transcript - July 17, 2007

7-30-07 Kittitas Valley 3 pm Meeting Transcript - July 17, 2007

7-11-07 Kittitas Valley Notice of Public Comment Meeting - July 17, 2007

6-22-07 Governor remands recommendation back to EFSEC - Letter

4-27-07 Council Order No. 827 Reply to Requests for Reconsideration Council Order No. 826

4-11-07 Requests for Reconsideration - Kittitas County - Garrett

3-27-07 EFSEC recommends approval of the Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project. Council Order No. 826 - Press Release