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Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project
Final Environmental Impact Statement
Table of Contents

To obtain a hard copy of the FEIS, call EFSEC at 360-956-2121 and ask for the Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project FEIS.  Please use the links below to view the text of the Final Environmental Impact Statement issued by EFSEC on February 1, 2007.

The following are PDF files. 
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Final Environmental Impact Statement

Volume 1

Cover letter to Reviewers

Fact Sheet

Table of Contents (including list of figures and tables)


1.1  Introduction
1.2  Purpose and Need for Project
1.3  Decisions to be Made
1.4  Description of Alternatives
1.5  Summary of Public Involvement, Consultation, and Coordination
1.6  Document Organization
1.7  Issues to be Resolved
1.8  Summary of Impacts and Mitigation Measures
1.9  Cumulative Impacts
1.10  Significant Unavoidable Adverse Impacts
Table 1-4 Summary of Impacts and Mitigation
Table 1-5 Summary of Potential Impacts of Offsite Alternatives


2.1 Introduction
2.2 Description of Proposed Action
2.3 Construction Costs
2.4 Mitigation Measures Inherent in the Project Design
2.5 Description of No Action Alternative
2.6 Alternatives Considered but Rejected
2.7 Consideration of Offsite Alternatives
2.8 Benefits or Disadvantages of Reserving Project Approval for a Later Date


3.1 Earth Resources
3.Vegetation, Wetlands, Wildlife and Habitat, Fisheries, and Threatened and Endangered Species
3.3  Water Resources
3.4  Health and Safety
3.5  Energy and Natural Resources
3.6  Land Use and Recreation
3.7  Socioeconomics
3.8  Cultural Resources
3.9  Visual Resources
3.10 Transportation
3.1Air Quality
3.12  Noise
3.13  Public Services and Utilities
3.14 Cumulative Impacts






Appendix A:      Vegetation, Wetlands, Wildlife, and Threatened and Endangered Species; Table A-1; Table A-2

Appendix B:      Health and Safety - Shadow Flicker Simulations
LARGE FILE! 47 pages, 35 MB

Appendix C:      Transportation - 9 pages, 4.5 MB

Appendix D:      Noise -  LARGE FILE! 8 pages, 12 MB

List of Figures

Figure 1-1:        Vicinity Map

Figure 1-2:        Project Site Map

Figure 2-1:        Project Site Layout

Figure 2-2:        Typical Wind Turbine Dimensions

Figure 2-3:        Typical Modern Three-Bladed Upwind Turbine Generator

Figure 2-4:        Typical Nacelle

Figure 2-5:        Electrical and Communications System

Figure 2-6:        Comparison of Various Wind Turbine Technologies

Figure 2-7:        Alternative A Site Layout

Figure 2-8:        Areas Investigated for Wind Energy Development

Figure 2-9:        Swauk Ranch

Figure 2-10:       Springwood Ranch

Figure 2-11:       Manastash Ridge

Figure 2-12:       Boylston Mountains

Figure 2-13:       Skookumchuck Creek

Figure 2-14:       Quilomene

Figure 2-15:       Swauk Valley Ranch

Figure 2-16:       Springwood Ranch

Figure 2-17:       Wild Horse

Figure 2-18:       Desert Claim

Figure 3.1-1:      Geotechnical Test Pit and Fault Locations

Figure 3.1-2:      Soils

Figure 3.2-1:      Vegetation Types

Figure 3.2-2:      Stream Survey Locations

Figure 3.2-3:      Approximate Perches and Flight Paths of Bald Eagles

Figure 3.2-4:      Approximate Raptor Nest Locations

Figure 3.2-5:      Mule Deer and Elk Winter Ranges

Figure 3.4-1:      1996-2000 Lighting Flash Density

Figure 3.4-2:      Typical Electromagnetic Levels for Transmission Lines

Figure 3.6-1:      Existing Land Use

Figure 3.6-2:      Existing Zoning

Figure 3.6-3:      Recreational Areas

Figure 3.7-1:      Construction Employment Schedule

Figure 3.9-1:      Photograph Locations Outside Project Area

Figure 3.9-2:      Photograph Locations Within Project Area

Figure 3.9-3:      pdf  Viewpoint 1: US 97 at Ellensburg Ranches Road

Figure 3.9-4:      pdf Viewpoint 2: US 97 North of the Gravel Pit

Figure 3.9-5:      pdf Viewpoint 3: US 97 northern end of Bettas Rd

Figure 3.9-6:      pdf Viewpoint 4: Ridges East of US 97

Figure 3.9-7:      pdf  Viewpoint 5: Northern portion of Bettas Rd

Figure 3.9-8:      pdf  Viewpoint 6: SR 10 Corridor

Figure 3.9-9:      pdf  Viewpoint 7: John Wayne Trail looking North

Figure 3.9-10:    pdf   Viewpoint 8: Thorp Hwy looking North

Figure 3.9-11:    pdf   Viewpoint 9: I-90 & Springwood Ranch

Figure 3.9-12:    pdf   Viewpoint 10: Lower Green Canyon Rd

Figure 3.9-13:    pdf   Viewpoint 11: Forest Service Lands

Figure 3.9-14:    pdf   Viewpoint 12: Robertson Property

Figure 3.9-15:    FAA Nighttime Lighting of Turbines

Figure 3.9-16:    pdf  Simulated comparison Grey to Brown Turbines

Figure 3.10-1:    Existing Average Daily Traffic Volumes for 2001

Figure 3.10-2:    Bowers Field

Figure 3.11-1:    Kittitas Valley Area Wind Rose

Figure 3.12-1:    Noise Monitoring Locations

Figure 3.13-1:    Fire Districts

Figure 3.14-1:    Cumulative Study Area for Kittitas Valley, Desert Claim, and Wild Horse

Figure 3.14-2:    Photograph Locations for Cumulative Analysis

Figure 3.14-3:    pdf  Viewpoint 1: Existing Conditions

Figure 3.14-4:    pdf  Viewpoint 1: Simulated Conditions Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project

Figure 3.14-5:    pdf  Viewpoint 1: Simulated Conditions Desert Claim Wind Power Project

Figure 3.14-6:    pdf  Viewpoint 1: Simulated Conditions Cumulative Scenario

Figure 3.14-7:    pdf  Viewpoint 2: Existing Conditions

Figure 3.14-8:    pdf  Viewpoint 2: Simulated Conditions Cumulative Scenario

Volume 2

Introduction to Volume 2, Responses to Comments

Responses to Key Issues

Cover, Dividers and Acronyms

Table of Contents



Local Agency


State Agency


Draft Supplemental EIS Comments

Public Comment Meeting January 13, 2004

Public Comment Meeting August 25, 2004

Public Comment Meeting February 2, 2006

Responses to Letters


Local Agency


State Agency


Draft Supplemental EIS Comments

Public Comment Meeting January 13, 2004

Public Comment Meeting August 25, 2004

Public Comment Meeting February 2, 2006

Public Reference:

Copies of the Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project DEIS will be available for Public Reference at the following locations.  

Cle Elum

Carpenter Memorial (Cle Elum) Library
302 Pennsylvania Ave
Cle Elum, WA 98922-1196


  • Tuesday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM 

  • Wednesday & Thursday 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

  • Friday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM 

  • Saturday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM 

  • Contact (509) 674-2313


Ellensburg Public Library
209 N Ruby
Ellensburg, WA 98926



Washington State Library
Joel M. Pritchard Library
Point Plaza East, Building One
6880 Capitol Boulevard South
Tumwater, WA, 98501-5513
(360) 704-5200

Washington Energy Facility
Site Evaluation Council
905 Plum Street SE
Olympia, WA, 98504-3172

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How to Obtain a Copy:

The Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project FEIS is available to interested persons upon request in both hard copy and CD-ROM formats. To obtain a copy contact:

Tammy Talburt
Secretary Admin

Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council 
905 Plum Street SE
PO Box 43172 
Olympia, WA 98504-3172
(360) 956-2121

or by e-mail:


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