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Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project
Application No. 2003-01




Council Orders

  • Council Order 827 - Order on Motions for Reconsideration of Order No. 826 by Kittitas County and Mr. Ed Garrett and Ms. Rosemary Monaghan

  • Council Order 826 - Finding of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Order Recommending Approval of Site Certification Agreement.

  • Council Order 822 - Prehearing Order No. 25: Prehearing Conference Order Regarding Renewable Northwest Project's Request for Public Comment Hearing in Western Washington.

  • Council Order 821 - Prehearing Order No. 24: Prehearing Conference Order Regarding Status of  Prehearing Matters.

  • Council Order 820 - Prehearing Order No. 23: Prehearing Conference Order Regarding Schedule for Pre-Hearing Submittals and Other Procedural Matters.

  • Council Order 819 - Prehearing Order No. 22: Prehearing Conference Order Regarding Status of Land Use Consistency Negotiations and Scheduling of Adjudicative Hearings.

  • Council Order 818 - Prehearing Order No. 21: Prehearing Conference Order Regarding Project Status and Scheduling of Adjudicative Hearings.

  • Council Order 817 - Prehearing Order No. 20: Prehearing Conference Order Regarding Adjudicative Hearings.

  • Council Order 816 - Prehearing Order No. 19: Prehearing Conference Order Regarding Applicant's Updates on Land-Use Negotiations, Procedural Items, and Motion to Move DEIS and Public Comments into the Adjudicative Record.

  • Council Order 804 - Prehearing Order No. 18: Prehearing Conference Order Granting Joint Motion to Continue Hearing Date

  • Council Order 802 - Prehearing Order No. 17: Order on Motions to Strike Testimony

  • Council Order 801 - Prehearing Order No. 16: Order on Post-hearing Schedule of Events

  • Council Order 800 - Prehearing Order No. 15: Order Denying Kittitas County Prehearing Motions

  • Council Order 799 - Prehearing Order No. 14: Order Denying Intervenor Residents Opposed to Kittitas turbines Motion to Stay Adjudicative hearing until Issuance of Final Environmental Impact Statement

  • Council Order No. 796 - Prehearing Order No. 13: Prehearing Conference Order Denying Kittitas County's Request for Issuance of Initial Responses to Comments to Draft EIS.

  • Council Order No. 795 - Prehearing Order No. 12: Prehearing conference Order Granting Applicant's Motion to Continue and Setting New Hearing Schedule and Deadlines.

  • Council Order No. 794 - Prehearing Order No. 11: Order Denying F. Steven Lathrop's Motion to Dismiss Applicant's Motion for Preemption

  • Council Order No. 793 - Prehearing Order No. 10: Order Denying F. Steven Lathrop's Motion to Stay Adjudicative Hearing

  • Council Order No. 792 - Prehearing Order No. 9: Order Setting Deadlines for Submittal of Schedules for Witnesses, Pre-Hearing Statements, and Pre-Hearing Motions.

  • Council Order No. 790 - Prehearing Order No. 8: Order on Discovery Procedures, Pre-Filed Testimony, and Setting Schedule for Adjudicative Hearings

  • Council Order No. 789 - Prehearing Order No. 7: Prehearing Order No. 7: Order Granting Applicant’s Request for Extension of Time to Resolve Land Use Inconsistency

  • Council Order No. 786 - Prehearing Order No. 6: Decision of the Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council, Councilmember Richard Fryhling, and Councilmember Tony Ifie in Response to Intervenor F. Steven Lathrops's Petition for Review

  • Council Order No. 783 - Prehearing Order No. 5: Decision of the Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council in Response to Intervenor F. Steven Lathrop's Motion to Disqualify the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of  Community, trade and Economic Development

  • Council Order No. 782 - Prehearing Order No. 4: Decision and Declaration of Councilmember Richard Fryhling in Response to Intervenor F. Steven Lathrop's Disqualification Motion

  • Council Order No. 781 - Prehearing Order No. 3: Decision and Declaration of Councilmember Tony Ifie in Response to Intervenor F. Steven Lathrop's Disqualification Motion

  • Council Order No. 778 - Prehearing Order No. 2: Order On Motion To Disqualify Council Members Ifie And Fryhling, Motion To Clarify Issues, And Motion For Reconsideration Or Alternatively Objection To Limitation Of Issues

  • Council Order No. 777 - Prehearing Order No. 1: Prehearing Order: Granting, On Condition, Petitions for Intervention; Adopting Hearing Guidelines and Taking Further Action
    Appendix A Final HEARING GUIDELINES, Appendix B Service List 7-1-03

  • 5-7-03 - Council Order No. 776, Order On Consistency With Local And Regional Land Use Plans And Zoning Ordinances (6 pages - PDF) on May 7, 2003.

Petitions for Intervention

 Prefiled Testimony:

Service List:

Witness Order

  • No witness lists are available at this time.

Hearing Transcripts

Official Transcripts of Public Comment and Adjudicative Hearings are available for viewing during business hours (8-5, excluding weekends and holidays) at the EFSEC office, 905 Plum St. SE, Building 3, 3rd floor, Olympia, WA 98504-3172. MAP

Please note that copies of the transcripts can not be made due to copyright restrictions. However, transcripts may be purchased directly from Flygare and Associates, 1-800-574-0414,


Motions and Other Petitions

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Opening Statements

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Final Briefs

Parties Final Briefs

  • Applicant's Final PDF   (47 pages)
  • Kittitas County Reply PDF (3 pages)
  • ROKT's Reply PDF          (5 pages)

Parties Post Hearing Briefs

  • Kittitas County PDF (16 pages)
  • Council for the Environment PDF   (11 pages)
  • ROKT's  PDF (38 pages)
  • CTED's  PDF (6 pages)
  • Intervenor Lathrop PDF (48 pages)

Applicant's Cover letter PDF (6 pages)

Applicant's Opening Post-Hearing Brief PDF (132 pages)

Proposed Findings of Fact & Conclusions of Law PDF
(207 pages - 8 MB)

Proposed Site Certification Agreement PDF 
(40 pages - 3 MB)

Transcripts of September 2006 Hearings (PDF format)
Note: regular = 1 page of transcript per page printed; condensed = 4 pages of transcript per page printed

Public Meetings

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For information or questions concerning this application please contact:     

Allen Fiksdal, EFSEC Manager 
Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council 
905 Plum Street SE
PO Box 43172 
Olympia, WA 98504-3172
(360) 956-2152

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