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Kittitas Valley Wind Power Project
Application for Site Certification 2003- 01
Table of Contents

Please use the links below to view the text of the Application for Site Certification  2003-01 submitted by Sagebrush Power Partners, L.L.C. to EFSEC on January 13, 2003. Volume 1: Application for Site Certification

January 13, 2003 Cover Letter (1 page)

TABLE OF CONTENTS (6 pages - includes Volumes I and II)

1.1  Description of Applicant

1.2  Designation of Agent

1.3  Assurances

1.4  Mitigation Measures

1.5  Sources of Information

1.6 Pertinent Federal, State, and Local Requirements

2.1  Site Description

2.2  Legal Descriptions and Ownership Interests

2.3  Construction On-Site

2.4  Energy Transmission Systems

2.5  Water Supply System

2.6 System of Heat Dissipation

2.7  Characteristics of Aquatic Discharge Systems

2.8  Wastewater Treatment

2.9  Spillage Prevention and Control

2.10  Surface Water Runoff

2.11  Emission Control

2.12  Construction Schedule And Operation Activities

2.13  Construction Management

2.14  Construction Methodology

2.15  Protection From Natural Hazards 

2.16  Security Concerns  

2.17  Study Schedules

2.18  Potential For Future Activities At Site

3.1  Earth

3.2  Air

3.3  Water

3.4  Plants And Animals

3.5  Energy and Natural Resources

4.1  Environmental Health

5.1  Land Use

5.2  Traffic and Transportation

5.3  Public Services And Utilities

6.1  Prevention Of Significant Deterioration 

7.1  National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit Application

                 NPDES application form

7.2  Emergency Plans

7.3  Initial Site Restoration Plan 

8.1  Socioeconomic Impact

8.2  Criteria, Standards, And Factors Utilized To Develop Transmission Route

9.1  Analysis Of Alternatives

VOLUME II:  Exhibits

Exhibit     1  Project Site Layout

Exhibit     2  Aerial Photo with Project Site Layout

Exhibit     3  Project Electrical One-Line Diagram

Exhibit     4  Memoranda of Landowner Option Agreements 

Exhibit     5  WA DNR Letter of Intent 

Exhibit     6  Geotechnical Data Report, Exhibit 6.1, Exhibit 6.2

Exhibit     7  Letters to the Yakama Nation

Exhibit     8  Rare Plant Report

Exhibit     9  Project Habitat Map, Map Legend

Exhibit     10  Mitigation Parcel Description

Exhibit     11  Wildlife Baseline Study

Exhibit     12  Biological Assessment for Endangered, Threatened, Proposed & Candidate Species, Exhibit 12.1

Exhibit     13  Department of Ecology Well Logs for the Project Area

Exhibit     14  Telecommunications Obstruction Analysis

Exhibit     15  Kittitas County Code, Utilities, Chapt 17.62 and Amendments -Ordinance 2002-19

Exhibit     16  Project Site Archaeological Survey
                    This document is not available in electronic format.

Exhibit     17  Transportation and Traffic Figures

               17-1 Project Site and Surrounding Roadway Network

               17-2 Transportation Routes & Existing Average Daily Traffic Volume

Exhibit     18  Project Area Zoning Designations, Aerial Photo

Exhibit     19  Project Area Fire Districts

Exhibit     20  Recreational Areas Surrounding Project Site (25 miles)

Exhibit     21  Noise Analysis Figures

               21-1 House and Wind Turbine Generator Locations

               21-2 Noise Impacts Zones

Exhibit     22 Visual Simulation Figures and Terms

               22-1 Potential Project Visual Impact in the Region

               22-2 Potential Local Project Visual Impact

               22-3 Visual Simulation Technical Terms 

               22-4 Visual Simulation Photos

Exhibit  23  ECONorthwest Economic Impact Report

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