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Council Meetings: Schedule, Location, Agendas and Minutes

Council Meetings

The Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council plans to meet once per month, on the third Tuesday of each month (although room availability necessitated some date variations). Please see the entire date list below. Meetings start at 1:30 p.m. and are held at:

1300 S. Evergreen Park Dr SW
Conference Room 206
Olympia, Washington 98504-3172
Map and Directions

See the chart below for scheduled dates, proposed meeting agendas and approved meeting minutes. Meeting agenda are usually posted about 1 week prior to the meeting Meeting minutes are usually approved at the following month's meeting and posted about 5 days after the approval meeting.

Please Note: This schedule is in accordance with WAC 463-18-050. All EFSEC meetings are Special Meetings under Chapter 42.30 RCW. The meetings listed below are subject to change or cancellation.

If needed, EFSEC may hold additional Special Meetings in accordance with the rule and law cited above. For additional or updated scheduling information contact EFSEC at (360) 664-1345.


Meeting Date

Agenda Packets Minutes
December 19      
November 21      
October 17      
September 19      
August 15      
July 18      
June 20      
May 16 Agenda Packet [Pending]
May 2
Special Meeting
Agenda [None] Minutes
May 2
Executive Session
Agenda [None] [None]
April 18 Agenda Packet Minutes
March 21 - REVISED Agenda Packet Minutes
February 21 Agenda Packet Minutes
January 17
Special Meeting
Agenda [None] [None]
January 17-REVISED Agenda Packet Minutes


Meeting Date

Agenda Packets Minutes
December 20 Agenda Packet Minutes
November 15 Agenda Packet Minutes
October 26
Special meeting
Agenda [None] Minutes
October 18 Agenda Packet Minutes
September 26
Chehalis Title V
Agenda [None] Minutes
September 20
Special Meeting
Agenda [None] Minutes
September 20 Agenda Packet  Minutes
August 16 Agenda Packet Minutes
July 19 - Cancelled Agenda [None] [None]
June 14 Agenda Packet Minutes
May 17 Agenda [None] Minutes
April 19 - REVISED Agenda Packet Minutes
March 25 - REVISED Agenda Packet Minutes
February 16 Agenda Packet Minutes
January 19 - Cancelled Agenda [None] [None]
January 19 - Special Meeting Columbia Generating Station Agenda [None] Minutes


Meeting Date

Agenda Packets Minutes
December 15 Agenda Packet Minutes
November 24   Special Meeting Agenda [None] Minutes
November 24 Agenda Packet Minutes
October 20 - REVISED Agenda Packet Minutes
September 15 Agenda Packet Minutes
August 18 Agenda Packet Minutes
July 21 Agenda Packet Minutes
June 16 - REVISED Agenda [None] Minutes
May 19 - REVISED Agenda [None] Minutes
April 21 Agenda [None] Minutes
April 14 Special Meeting Agenda [None] Minutes
March 17 Agenda [None] Minutes
February 17 Agenda [None] Minutes
January 20 Agenda [None] Minutes
January 7 Special Meeting Agenda [None] Minutes


Meeting Date

Agenda Minutes
December 16 Agenda Minutes
Nov 21 Special Meeting Agenda Minutes
November 18 Agenda Minutes
October 21 Agenda Minutes
October 8 Special Meeting Agenda Minutes
September 16 Agenda Minutes
Sept. 16 Special Meeting Agenda Minutes
August 19 Agenda Minutes
August 1 Special Meeting Agenda Minutes
July 15 Agenda Minutes
July 10 Agenda Minutes
June 17 Agenda Minutes
May 28 Agenda Minutes
May 20 Agenda Minutes
April 15 Agenda Minutes
April 2 Agenda Minutes
March 18 Cancelled [None]
March 11 Agenda Minutes
March 6 Agenda Minutes
March 4 Agenda Minutes
February 18 Agenda Minutes
January 21 Agenda Minutes

Minutes of Past Meetings: 2013 through 1997


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