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Columbia Generating Station Formerly Nuclear Project No. 2 (WNP-2)

The Columbia Generating Station, formerly known as WNP-2, is an operating nuclear electric generating station located near Richland, Washington, in Benton County (location map). The project is sited on land leased from the United States Department of Energy (DOE) on the Hanford Site. The total area of the project is 1089 acres.

The Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPSS), now Energy Northwest, filed an application with the state in 1971 for the construction and operation of WNP-2. Hearings were held during that year and a Site Certification Agreement (SCA) was approved by the Governor on May 17, 1972. WPPSS also received construction (3/73) and operating (12/83) licenses from the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) for the plant. The NRC's Operating License (OL) expires in 2023.

Certificate Holder: Energy Northwest
P.O. Box 968
Richland, WA 99352-0968
(509) 372-5000
Facility: Columbia Generating Station (CGS)
Location: Hanford Nuclear Reservation
Benton County, Washington
Status: Operational with a maximum permitted electrical generation capacity of 1,236 megawatts

General Information:

Following initial startup testing, the NRC issued a full power OL in March 1984 and commercial operations commenced in December 1984. The CGS has a net design electrical rating of 1,236 megawatts and the entire output of the plant is dispatched to the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA).

The CGS consists of a General Electric designed boiling water reactor and nuclear steam supply system; a turbine-generator; and the necessary transformer switching and transmission facilities to deliver the plant's output to BPA through a transmission substation located near the plant. The CGS consists of the following structures: the reactor building, the radioactive waste building, the turbine-generator building, the diesel generator building, the service building, six mechanical-draft evaporative cooling towers, the circulating water pumphouse, and the river makeup water pumphouse. The CGS also includes the Plant Engineering Center located adjacent to the main plant, the Plant Support Facility located one mile southwest of the main plant, and various administrative buildings in Richland.

Site Certification Agreement:

Site Certification Agreement (SCA)


Order Regarding Date
875 Order 875 to Manage and Regulate Fugitive Radionuclide Emissions from the Decommissioning of the Outfall 002 Stormwater Channel and Pond 11/25/15
874 Order 874 to Manage and Regulate Fugitive Radionuclide Emissions from the Evaporation Pond Wastewater Treatment System 11/21/15
873 Draft Air Quality Permit 10/08/14
837 Request to Conduct Painting & Blasting Operations 02/11/09
672 Temporary Air Emissions 01/08/96
658 Notice of Violation 10/14/91
655 Notice of Violation 09/25/89
651 Notice of Violation 12/10/84
637 Amendment to Air Quality Limitations 02/08/82
Order Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law,  and Order, for NPDES Permits, a 401 Certification of Compliance, & Modification of Certain Portions of the Handord No. 2 Site Certification Agreement 04/28/75
Order Appointing Hearing Examiner & Establishng his Functions & Authority NPDES 02/24/75


Resolution Regarding Date
332 Revisions to the Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program 02/21/12
326 Emergency Preparedness Offsite Agency Support 03/10/09
318 Removal of on-site Visitor's Center and closeout of Resolution No. 225 11/14/06
311 Emergency Preparedness Offsite Agency Support 01/11/05
310 Energy Northwest - Columbia Generating Station: Termination of Non-Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program 04/19/04
(3.3 MB)
Energy Northwest - Disposal of Water Stored in WNP-1 and WNP-4 Service Water Ponds 09/08/03
295 Amending the CGS SCA to allow for construction and operation of Dry Cask Storage Facility at the project site 09/11/00
293 Energy Northwest Corporate Name Change 12/17/99
306 CGS Condenser Scale Removal 04/14/03
303 CGS Hydrogen Storage and Supply Facility 02/18/03
300 Columbia Generating Station Sanitary Waste Treatment Facility 09/10/01
299 Columbia Generating Station Cooling System Sediments 08/13/01
296 Hanford Wildlife Mitigation Project/Rattlesnake Slope Rehabilitation 11/13/00
Amd. 1
Energy Northwest Change of Corporate Name/CGS Change of Plant Name 09/11/00
292 Approving upgrading and site preparation plans for WNP-2 08/10/98
288 Approval of WNP-2 Landfill Closure Plan, Post-Closure Plan and Plan of Operations 11/10/97
Amd. 1
Approving FY 2002 EP funding levels for Columbia Generating Facility 06/19/01
287 Accepting WNP-2 EP Study Group Recommendations Report 11/10/97
286 Closure of WNP-2 NOI and Request for Assurance of Compliance concerning chlorination incidents in July 1996 09/08/97
278 Authorizes the Onsite Disposal of Cooling Tower Sediments 05/08/95
273 Increase Power Output 09/12/94
271 Closes Resolution No. 268 Water Discharge 08/08/94
260 Approval of Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program 01/13/92
259 - 1 Approval of Operation of Sanitary Waste Treatment Facility 11/14/94
258 Amended Standby Service Water System 08/10/92
251 NPDES Condition G35 Fulfilled 06/11/90
249 Approval of the Use of Sodium Bromide as Bio fouling Agents with Conditions 05/14/90
244 Approval of Initial Site Restoration Plan 08/22/88
240 Adoption of Review Process for Circulating Water Additive Requests 12/14/87
230 OL Amendment Checklist Accepted 03/24/86
228 Approval of Deployment of Gamma Detectors 01/13/86
224 Compliance Determinations & Implementation of Corrective Action with Conditions 11/26/84
214 Approval of Ecological Monitoring Program 11/8/82
209 Requirements of Order No. 544 Fully Satisfied 08/09/82
201 Deems Study of Effects of Non-toxic Chlorine Enhancement Agents and Corrosion Inhibitors on Biocidal Efficiency to Be properly within the Scope of the Chlorination Studies Required with Conditions 01/25/82
192 Attachment 1 WNP-2 SCA Revision 2 05/26/81
186 Pre-Operational Monitoring Program as Proposed shall be deemed to Satisfy the Monitoring Requirements of the NPDES 11/24/80
152 Granting Relief from Monitoring of the Emissions of the Emergency Diesel Engines and Auxiliary Boiler 06/11/79
132 Approval of Revised Environmental Monitoring Program 01/23/78
122 Technical Committee Recommendations 06/27/77
2-71 Notice for Public Comment on EIS 11/22/71
1-71 Notice of Initial Public Hearing 02/22/71

For additional information regarding the Columbia Generation Facility please contact:

Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council
1300 S. Evergreen Park Dr
PO Box 47250
Olympia, WA 98504-7250
(360) 664-1345

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