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Pacific Mountain Energy Center

EFSEC terminates its review of the Pacific Mountain Energy Center - May 12, 2009

The Pacific Mountain Energy Facility (PMEC) is an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) power generation facility that will use fuel flexible gasification technology and processes to produce approximately 680 megawatts of electrical power. The preliminary design is based on a wet slurry gasification process. In this process feedstock such as petroleum coke and/or coal are crushed and mixed with water to form a slurry. The slurry is combined with high purity oxygen in the gassifiers to form a synthesis gas (syngas). The syngas is then used to fuel combustion turbines to generate electrical power.

The PMEC will consist of two IGCC units, each producing about 340 megawatts. Associated with the project will be a enclosed fuel handling and storage terminal with access to a deep water port and rail system. The project will require short natural gas pipeline and transmission lines. The Port of Kalama will supply process water to the PMEC. Artist drawing.

The project will be located on about 95 acres at the Port of Kalama, about 8 miles south of Longview in southwest Washington State.

Energy Northwest requested EFSEC terminate its application by letter dated May 5, 2009. EFSEC issued Order No. 839 terminating its review of the project on May 12, 2009.

Applicant: Energy Northwest
P.O. Box 968
Richland, WA 99352-0968
Facility: 680 MW Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC).
Location: Kalama, Cowlitz County project map

The Application for Site Certification was submitted on September 12, 2006. A Draft Environmental Impact Statement was issued in May 2007. EFSEC's application review was suspended under Order No. 833, issued on November 27, 2007.

EFSEC terminated its application review on May 12, 2009. Order No. 839

General Information:

Application for Site Certification:


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SEPA Environmental Review:

Greenhouse Gas Reduction (CO2 Sequestration)

Land Use Consistency

Application for Site Certification:

TOC Cover, Submittal letter, Table of Contents (591 KB)
Introduction Introduction (132 KB)
Part 1 General (2,987 KB)
Part 2 Proposal (8,101 KB)
Part 3 Natural Environment (8,900 KB)
Part 4 Built Environment (4,556 KB)
Part 5 Applications for Permits and Authorizations (13,518 KB) REVISED 7-27-07
Appendix A Industrial Lease Agreement Between Port of Kalama and Energy Northwest (copy on file with EFSEC)
Appendix B Air Quality (4,315 KB) REVISED 7-30-07
Appendix C Wetlands Report (6,894 KB)
Appendix D Noise Measurements (78 KB)
Appendix E Representative Health and Safety Codes (46 KB)
Appendix F Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (copy on file with EFSEC)
Appendix G Tribal Consultation (copy on file with EFSEC)

SEPA Scoping Study

Under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), EFSEC as the lead agency invited the public and governmental agencies to provide suggestions and comments regarding issues to be addressed in an environmental impact statement (EIS) that will be prepared for the PMEC. EFSEC's independent consultant also reviewed the PMEC application and prepared a Scoping Report that summarizes the public and agency comments, as well as offers suggested topics to be covered in an EIS. The findings of this report will be considered by EFSEC in the preparation of the EIS.

Scoping Report for the Pacific Mountain Energy Center, December 2006, prepared by Ecology and Environment, Inc. - 91 pages (2,186 kb)

How to Obtain a Copy:

The Pacific Mountain Energy Center Project Application for Site Certification is available to interested persons upon request in CD-ROM format only. The Draft EIS is available in both hard copy and CD-ROM formats. To obtain a copy contact:

Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council
1300 Evergreen Park Dr
PO Box 47250
Olympia, WA 98504-7250

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Recent Activity:

Order No. 839 Dismissing the application and closing the adjudicative proceedings.

Request to terminate PMEC Application for Site Certification.

Approval for Extending Permitting Timeline to 9-12-09

3-06-08 Request to Extend Permitting Timeline

Order No. 835 Clarifying Order No. 833

12-19-07 Agenda for Special Meeting Scheduled 12-21-07 to Consider Draft Order on Motion for Clarification

12-19-07 Motion for Clarification by Energy Northwest

11-29-07 Order No. 834 - Prehearing Order No. 3 Regarding Schedule of Adjudicative Hearings and Parties' Issues List

Order No. 833 - Staying Adjudicative Proceedings

11-8-07 Response Briefs on Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Plan

11-6-07 Notice to cancel oral argument

11-2-07 Notice to hold oral argument and a prehearing conference on November 13, 2007

10-5-07 Sep. 20, 2007 Prehearing conference transcripts

9-27-07 Council Order No.832 - Prehearing Order No. 1 - Granting, on Condition, Petitions for Intervention

9-17-07 Agenda for September 20, 2007

9-13-07 Petitions for Intervention

9-13-07 Approval to Extend Permitting Timeline

8-29-07 Request to Extend Permitting Timeline

8-13-07 Notice Commencing Adjudicative Proceeding

7-30-07 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan and Cover Letter.

7-2-07 Requested Start of Adjudicatory Process Letter from Jack Baker - V.P. Energy Northwest

6-6-07 EIS Comment Hearing Transcript

5-14-07 Draft Environmental Impact Statement is issued.

5-8-07 Delay in Adjudicative Process Letter from Jack Baker - V.P. Energy Northwest

5-1-07 Order No. 828 - Land Use Consistency

3-6-07 Notice of Reconvene of Land Use Hearing

1-12-07 SEPA Scoping Study

Public Information Meeting, Land Use Hearing, SEPA Scoping

10-20-06 SEPA Determination of Significance & Scoping Notice


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